Simplifying university practicums.


Manatee was approached with the opportunity to design an app to manage the evaluation process for university practicums called E-Review. At the time there was no established product on the market that served this need and we were eager to introduce a modern solution that was both eco-friendly and efficient. A beta version of the app had been successfully released for one university but we would need to completely re-architect the experience to transform it into a scalable solution that multiple programs could rely on.

However, designing an app that could be customized to fit the nuanced needs of multiple practicum programs posed many challenges because we would need robust customization features and preferences. Using our product definition process, we established the core feature set that would be needed for the base product and clarified the scope of available customizations and add-ons.

One of the primary users of the app are program co-ordinators who oversee and administrate university practicums. We designed an overview dashboard for them to see a snapshot of the entire practicum and participant activity.


Product Strategy

UX Design

UI Design


Of the key features we defined none was more important than E-Reporting. We designed an easy to use form builder that allowed program coordinators to create report templates. This made it simple for program coordinators to create their own custom reports that fit the unique needs of their university.

The second group of users who rely on E-Review are advisors, both from the faculty and the partner organization, who are responsible for coaching and evaluating students during practicums. The app allows advisors to collaborate on reports for their assigned students and review their feedback history.

Once a report is complete advisors can use the app to send the feedback to students who receive an email with a system generated PDF attachment. This allows for students to receive almost instant feedback from their advisors and creates a clear record of their practicum that they can access at any time.


Another aspect of the project was to refine the brand to align with the new app experience. We shortened the name from 'Enhanced Review' to 'E-Review' for simplicity while still maintaining the current brand recognition with existing users. The new brand captured a modern scholastic feel while giving a nod to exploration with a subtle futuristic feel.

The Results

We designed a highly customizable app that could be modified to each program's needs and import data seamlessly from existing client softwares. The number of paper pages saved during each practicum will be 14,000 sheets of paper per year and the hours required to manage student reviews have been drastically reduced. We were able to give E-Review the ability to scale it's business in the future and several new university practicums will be added to the platform in 2018.

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Brandon Clarke

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