Designing the platform to allow top creative talent to give and get projects all in one place.


Communo is a platform that allows agencies to flex their capacity, and capabilities, through a community of vetted creatives. The Communo model enables instant access to talent without the overhead cost of employing a large staff base.

The Communo team came to Gull with the goal of refreshing their MVP platform and establishing a design system for continued expansion. Over the course of 8 weeks we redesigned the UX on the following core features:
- the onboarding experience
- Profile creation and design
- search for creatives
- Give and get work flows


Product Strategy

UX Design

UI Design

The Solution

The first phase of design involved Re-architecting 

the Communo app are creating low fidelity wireframes for each of the key user flows. After establishing the key flows at low fidelity we agreed to use the remainder of out time to prioritize the following key flows.

- sign up and new profile creation flow individual creatives and for agencies
- search for creatives, jobs, or perks

The Results

The Communo team was able to move forward in building the newly designed features and secure a new round of funding. Armed with a strong design system the product team has been able to quickly iterate and expand on the design of the Communo App as they gear up for growth.

Lemur's ability to take abstract concepts and domain information and turn them an actionable product strategy was instrumental to us launching our products. They work very iteratively and were able to meet our timeline expectations while also having time to push the boundaries of what's possible.

Stephen Hayes-McCoy
VP Product, Communo

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