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AGvisorPRO is a webapp that instantly connects farmers with peers and industry experts. AGvisor Pro is the first platform within the agriculture industry to act as a central hub of information for farmers, a service proving more essential as the global population grows and farmers are pushed to produce more with less time and knowledge.

The AGvisorPRO team came to Manatee with several goals in mind:
- improve overall IA and UX, specifically 4 flows:
-  the onboarding experience
-  simplifying profile set up
-  search
- Scheduling, accepting, and connecting a call between a  grower and an expert
- improve accessibility


UI Design

UX Design

The Solution

The first step was to do an audit of AGvisorPRO’s current app. In collaboration with their team, we established clear areas of improvement for the user experience and accessibility. From there Manatee designed the new information architecture and UX for creating a profile, searching for an expert, and accepting and connecting a call between a grower and an expert. 

- new profile set up had to improve UX while including a robust amount information to be filtered and selected by the user
- new scheduling, accepting, and connecting call flow and features that clarify and simplify the process for both user types

The Results

The AGvisorPRO team was thrilled with the new app design. The team now has a strong user experience design to inform their next iteration of the AGvisorPRO app.

Turtle helped us overhauling and redesigning our app. With their guidance, we have now a stunning new UI/UX! I always felt they take pride in their work and their designs and I highly enjoyed working with their organized team.

Patrick Walther

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